True American Sapphires

Nestled in the rugged landscapes of Montana, a treasure lay hidden beneath the earth – sapphires of unparalleled beauty and purity hold within them the essence of the American spirit. The sapphires are mined in Western Montana, where strict regulations are enforced to ensure environmental sustainability, using practices that prioritize the safety and health of the miners. After the sapphires have been extracted, the soil is replaced and seeded with native grasses. Within weeks there is very little evidence of mining activity.
The miners, deeply connected to the land, understand the significance of their bounty. Each sapphire, bathed in the hues of Montana’s majestic landscapes, carries a unique story etched in its facets.
The sapphires find their way to skilled artisans across the United States. In the hands of master gemstone cutters, the sapphires are cut and polished with precision, providing consistent, uniform cutting perfection, revealing their true brilliance. This meticulous craftsmanship not only showcases the inherent beauty of each stone but also ensures that the entire process adheres to the highest ethical and sustainable standards.
Choosing a Montana-mined and US-cut sapphire is more than a selection; it’s a conscious decision for those who seek quality, value, and sustainability.

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